A visit to Disney just got more expensive: All you need to know about the latest price structure

Disney Land
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As reported by IB Times, Theme parks just got more expensive, with Disney announcing an increase in the prices of single-day tickets to visit the Walt Disney World and Disneyland at certain times of the year, along with other changes to prevent overcrowding, reports said Saturday.

The company saw a 5 percent decline in attendance at its theme parks in the United States during the recently concluded quarter, which included the usually profitable holiday season, the Associated Press reported. The new price structure – that goes into effect Sunday – is aimed at encouraging visitors to come in on days other than those marked “peak,” or the heaviest in terms of attendance.

According to a pricing plan that was released last year, the company gave visitors access to a planning calendar – from eight to 11 months – to determine the “value,” “regular” or “peak” times to visit the parks.

Disney now has “options”

“Our pricing provides guests a range of options that allow us to better manage demand to maximize the guest experience and is reflective of the distinctly Disney offerings at all of our parks,” Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler reportedly said.

Under the new price structure, the increase in the price of a single-day ticket is not more than $5. For example, the regular price of admission at the Disneyland in Anaheim, California, will rise from $105 to $110. During peak season, the price will increase from $119 to $124, while value tickets will cost $97, instead of the earlier $95.

To visit Magic Kingdom, visitors will have to shell out $2 extra on value days ($107 for adults and $101 for children), $5 extra on regular days ($115 for adults and $109 for children) while the peak day pricing has been left unchanged at $124 for adults and $118 for children.

Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom will see an increase of $5 on all tickets during regular ($107 for adults and $101 for children) and peak seasons ($119 for adults and $113 for children). Value tickets will see a $2 increase, standing at $99 for adults and $93 for children under the new structure.

Other major changes include the introduction of expiration dates for all tickets, which were initially only applicable on Disney’s 1-day and Florida resident tickets. However, visitors have the option to exchange expired tickets for “a credit toward a new purchase of equal or greater value,” reports said.

Source: IB Times

Photo by christopher.d.heald