UNICEF Report : Nearly 50 million children at risk from conflict and crisis, US$3.3 billion appeal for 2017

UNICEF Report - Humanitarian Action for Children 2017
Cover photo UNICEF - Humanitarian Action for Children 2017

According to a January 2017 UNICEF Report titled Humanitarian Action for Children 2017 (ISBN: 978-92-806-4864-5), nearly 50 million children are at risk from conflict and crisis and an estimated 7.5 million children face severe acute malnutrition across 48 countries, from the Syrian Arab Republic to Yemen and Iraq, from South Sudan to Nigeria, children are under direct attack, their homes, schools and communities in ruins with their hopes and futures in the balance.

In the Executive Director’s forward for the UNICEF report which states a US$ 3.3 billion appeal for 2017 titled “Humanitarian Action for Children 2017“, Mr Anthony Lake states that “Around 535 million. That is the number of children living in countries affected by emergencies – One out of every four children in the world today.

Data : UNICEF Report

The UNICEF report further states that many of these children are already vulnerable – living in poverty, deprived of adequate nutrition, out of school and at risk of exploitation.  Such complex and protracted emergencies aggravate the risks these children face and exacerbate their needs. They also threaten their societies – potentially reversing hard-won development gains around the world.

In such a world of cascading crises, UNICEF response must not only meet immediate needs; it must also address long-term development challenges, recognizing how it responds in emergencies, how it lays the foundation for future growth and stability, and how it invests in development and helps build resilience against future emergencies.

Data: UNICEF Report
Human suffering has reached unprecedented levels around the world in 2016, with nearly a quarter of the world’s children living in conflict or disaster-stricken countries.

The UNICEF report, Humanitarian Action for Children 2017, overview can be found here.

UNICEF’s work in these contexts is presented on the country and regional pages of the Humanitarian Action for Children at www.unicef.org/appeals. Appeals and results are updated regularly, based on the country context.
About the UNICEF
Meeting the challenge of reaching the children in greatest need and at greatest risk is the reason UNICEF was founded 70 years ago in the aftermath of World War II. Supported by governments, UNICEF worked to bring life-saving aid and long-term support to children
whose lives and futures were imperilled, understanding that the future hope of the world depended on them.
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As a non-profit media, NEWSDESK.EU has decided to highlight and offer its advertising space to the UNICEF for the year 2017, as we are convinced that the it is defending the most important cause for mankind today by choosing to defend the rights of children, our future generation(s) with operations in over 190 affected countries world-wide where it is mostly required : For Every Child, A Hope !
Cover photo and data : UNICEF / Humanitarian Action for Children 2017