Macron’s En Marche! party confirms ‘massive hacking attack’ on eve of French presidential

En Marche / Emmanuel Macron
Photo by Lorie Shaull

The En Marche! campaign office of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Friday confirmed that it had suffered a “massive and coordinated hacking attack” after internal documents were released online.

The WikiLeaks website posted a link Friday on Twitter to the link to the document archives, saying it “contains many tens of thousands (of) emails, photos, attachments up to April 24, 2017”, while stating that the organization was not responsible for the leak. It stated that there were around 9 gigabytes of data in total, saying that it was “checking parts” of the cache.

“The files circulating were obtained several weeks before due to the hacking of the personal and professional mailboxes of several party officials,” Macron’s En Marche! party said in a statement, just as campaigning officially ended ahead of Sunday’s election.

Macron’s team added that all the documents were “lawful” and said the large-scale hacking was “unprecedented in a French electoral campaign”.

The online leak shortly before midnight on Friday came barely 24 hours before Sunday’s final round of the presidential election in which the centrist and former minister of economy Emmanuel Macron faces far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

“The En Marche! movement was victim of a massive and coordinated hacking attack leading to the spreading this evening on social media of internal information of a diverse nature (emails, accounting documents, contracts),” the party statement said.

“Those circulating these documents are adding many false documents to authentic documents in order to sow doubt and disinformation,” Macron’s team said.

“Campaign accounts, some of which have been disseminated, will be filed with the National Campaign Accounts Committee (CNCCFP). However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that many of the published documents relate to the provisional accounts or estimates and not to commitments made” the statement said.

The party noted that the release came “in the last hour of the official campaign” and that it is “clearly a matter of democratic destabilization, like that seen during the last presidential campaign in the US”.

“The aim of those behind this leak is, all evidence suggests, to hurt the En Marche! party just hours before the second round of the French presidential election.”

Source: En Marche! / WikiLeaks / Twitter

Photo by Lorie Shaull