Italy’s Matteo Renzi officially resigns after crushing referendum defeat

Sunday, Italians voted decisively against changes to the constitution put forward by Renzi, a vote that became a poll on the prime minister’s leadership.
Renzi addressed his center-left Democratic Party Wednesday evening, giving a speech on his short term as prime minister that marked his government’s achievements.
“I’m leaving this country with less taxes to pay and more rights, and our party should be proud of that,” he said.
One of Renzi’s hallmark pieces of legislation was the legal recognition of same-sex unions.
“When I resigned, I know that some people in this party celebrated enthusiastically and not very elegantly. But I won’t blame them because when you are the prime minister of the most beautiful country in the world, you have no right to sulk.”
Renzi then met with President Sergio Mattarella to officially step down.
Mattarella asked Renzi to carry on in a caretaker capacity while he consults with the political parties about next steps, the President’s office said in a statement.
The 41-year-old Renzi, who was appointed to office in 2014, said Monday that he would resign and arranged to meet with the President after close to 60% of voters rejected his proposals.

Alternatively, Italy could call a snap election if the President and Parliament are unable to form a caretaker government. Italy is not scheduled to hold legislative elections until 2018.

Source : CNN