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Google quietly plans to launch its own job listings site Google Hire to help G Suite customers

Google Hire
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Looks like Google has a new job listings portal coming online soon, adding yet another site you’ll need to upload your resume to. One can visit the Google Hire site now, but it won’t let you sign in as yet. According to Axios, Google Hire will enable companies to post job listings and individuals to search for and find their next job.

Details are still missing, but there are already privacy concerns with the public-facing new site, which asks users to sign in with their personal Google account. There have been some speculation that this would allow potential employers to see your entire search history.

According to the Daily Mail, Google has denied these claims.

Google is not the first big company to venture into the job-recruitment arena. Facebook started rolling out support for job listings in February. Google is facing a pretty crowded market of established players like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster. To succeed, it will need to bring something different and better to the table.

According to an EnGadget report, a Google spokesperson emailed them the following statement on privacy:
“Google Hire is a product under development that will help G Suite customers manage their hiring process more effectively. The product will allow employers to collect candidate applications online. Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application. Private information will not be shared.”

Source: Google / EnGadget

Photo : Google