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Danish Dong Energy in UK switches on 32 of the the world’s largest wind turbines in Liverpool Bay

Wind Turbines
Photo by USFWS Headquarters

The largest wind turbines in the world have recently started producing energy for people in the UK. Dong Energy, the Danish company behind the project, has recently switched on the 32 gigantic wind turbines structures in Liverpool Bay. The turbines are taller than some skyscrapers at 640 feet and have 262-foot-long blades that can generate 8 megawatts of power. It’s the first time 8MW turbines are used for commercial purposes, and a single revolution of their blade, the company says, can power one house for 29 hours.

Dong Energy built the 32 wind turbines as an extension of the Burbo Bank wind farm built over a decade ago. They have over twice the capacity of the farm’s original structures. The Danish energy firm is building turbines in the UK due to its friendly regulations and subsidies.

However, the UK government told wind energy corporations to find more ways to cut costs if they want continued support. That’s why the company decided on building fewer enormous turbines rather than plenty of smaller ones. They’re cheaper to build and maintain, after all, since you’d have to build a foundation and a tower for each turbine regardless of its size.

About DONG Energy

DONG Energy (formerly Dansk Naturgas and Dansk Olie og Naturgas, abbreviated DONG) is an integrated energy company based in Fredericia, Denmark. It is the largest energy company in Denmark.

The Danish state-owned company Dansk Naturgas A/S was founded in 1972 to manage gas and oil resources in the Danish sector of the North Sea. After some years, the company was renamed to Dansk Olie og Naturgas A/S (DONG), meaning Danish Oil and Natural Gas. At the beginning of the decade of the 2000s, DONG started to expand itself into the electricity market by taking long positions in electricity companies. In 2005, DONG acquired and merged Danish electrical power producers Elsam and Energi E2 and public utility (electricity distribution) companies NESA, Københavns Energi and Frederiksberg Forsyning. The result of the merger was the creation of DONG Energy. The merger was approved by the European Commission on 14 March 2006.

Source: EnGadget

Photo by USFWS Headquarters