Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos accepts Nobel Peace Prize for deal with FARC

Photo by Center for American Progress
Juan Manuel Santos accepted his award Saturday after brokering a deal to stop the fighting in the 50-year conflict with the leftist rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known by its Spanish acronym, FARC.
“After six years of serious and often intense, difficult negotiations … this agreement marks the beginning of the dismantling of an army and its conversion into a legal political movement,” he said at the ceremony in Oslo, Norway.
But a path to peace in Colombia’s civil war is still uncertain.
Colombia’s Congress approved the landmark agreement, but it came only after a stunning referendum result in October in which 50.2% of Colombians voted against it.
Santos addressed his country’s polarizing rebuke in his Nobel acceptance speech, calling it “completely unexpected.”
“Like life itself, peace is a process with many surprises,” he said. “(But) I was determined to turn this setback into a chance to develop the widest possible consensus for reaching a new agreement.”
After the plebiscite, the President returned to the negotiating table to incorporate many of the opposition’s objections.
But again, the objectors balked, claiming the fundamentals of the peace accord still condone the atrocities committed by the FARC.

Source : CNN

Photo by Center for American Progress