China mine explosion: 32 reportedly killed

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Of the 181 people working in the mine at the time of the blast, 149 managed to get above ground and survive, the news agency added.
Authorities earlier reported 17 deaths and an undisclosed number of persons still trapped in the mine, but Xinhua reported everyone trapped is now believed to have died.
The explosion occurred around noon at a mine operated by the Baoma Mining Co. in the Yuanbaoshan district of Chifeng city, Xinhua reported.
An investigation into what caused the blast is still ongoing, but Xinhua reported Sunday that “It has been confirmed to be a gas explosion accident.”

China’s mining industry has long been among the world’s deadliest, although safety improvements and the closure of smaller, more dangerous mines have reduced the death toll in recent years.

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of coal but has announced plans to shutter more than 1,000 outdated mines. The head of China’s State Administration of Work Safety said this year that struggling coal mines might be likely to overlook maintenance.

Source : CNN / Newstalk
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