The Shadow Brokers / NSA leak

The Shadow Brokers give away access to more NSA hacking tools

The Shadow Brokers (TSB) group didn't have much luck selling the NSA's hacking tools as yet, so they're giving more of the software away...

Symantec refuses Russia request for source code access

Security firm Symantec will no longer allow Russian authorities to inspect its source code, according to Reuters. "It poses a risk to the integrity...
WindsorGreen / DOD

WindsorGreen : DOD secret code-breaking project found unencrypted on the Internet

According to a recent report from The Intercept, a joint project of IBM, NYU and the US Department of Defense called "WindsorGreen" was found...

IBM puts 30 billion transistors onto a fingertip size chip

IBM and its chip partners Globalfoundries and Samsung are making history. The trio has developed a transistor manufacturing process that should pave the way...
Chrome flaw

Google will fix a Chrome flaw that makes phishing very easy

Although email services are doing more to filter phishing emails before they reach your inbox, a decades-old unicode technique is making it hard for...
satellite internet

FCC approves OneWeb to deliver satellite internet in the US

Providing internet to remote users beyond the telecom grid has always been a difficult dream to realize. But as Trump assured supporters in Iowa...
spacex / falcon 9

SpaceX plans to launch 4425 satellites to offer global high-speed satellite Internet by 2019

Last November, SpaceX asked the FCC for permission to launch 4,425 satellites to provide high speed internet around the globe. While current satellite internet...
San Bernardino / Iphone 5c

FBI paid $900000 to unlock San Bernardino attackers iPhone 5C, senator confirms

In 2016, Apple had a battle with the FBI over privacy, specifically whether it would crack an iPhone 5C following the San Bernardino terrorist...

Google’s new re CAPTCHA automatically finds if human and not a bot

Google has utilised a number of methods to distinguish between human and bots on the web over the years. Its take on the CAPTCHA...
Samsung / self-driving car technology

Samsung granted approval for testing self-driving car technology in South Korea

Samsung 's ambition to be a part of the self-driving car space is not recent, and today the company has hit a large milestone....

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Star Wars Hotel / Disney

Disney’s immersive Star Wars hotel and Galaxy’s Edge land project

Walt Disney World plans to open an insanely ambitious immersive Star Wars hotel that sounds like something out of Westworld. Every guest will experience...
Montreux Jazz Festival

Quincy Jones, Ibrahim Maalouf, George Benson at Montreux Jazz Festival

Ibrahim Maalouf brought his bold, brassy sound to the Montreux Jazz Festival on Thursday, moving from trumpet to piano solos as he blended jazz with...
Kasai region / RD Congo / Kindu church, Kinshasa

Over 3300 killed in Congo’s Kasai region – Catholic church report

Congolese security forces and a militia fighting them have killed at least 3,383 people in the central Kasai region since October, the Catholic church...