Sunday, September 26, 2021
Yahoo malicious activity

Yahoo issues yet another warning to users of potentially malicious activity on their accounts

Yahoo is warning users of potentially malicious activity on their accounts between 2015 and 2016, the latest development in the internet company's investigation of...
apple campus 2

Apple seeks design perfection at new spaceship style campus

Inside the original Macintosh computer, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs inscribed the signatures of his team, revealing his deep concern for even the hidden features...

Android device manufacturer OnePlus caught cheating in benchmark tests

This time it is OnePlus. A few years ago, many high-profile Android device makers were caught cheating in benchmark tests. The list of cheaters...

German car parts maker Bosch will pay out over $320 mn over ‘dieselgate’

German car parts maker Bosch will pay out compensation to US buyers and dealers of Volkswagen-made diesel cars affected by the 'dieselgate' scandal, it...
Rogue POTUS Staff

Rogue POTUS Staff is tweeting secrets from the White House

Over the last few days, various anti-Trump rogue organizations have formed, and they’re all tweeting to get the word out. The most prominent such...
UK Military Iphone 7

UK Military goes for iPhone 7 over Android for it’s secured communications

In a decision that underscores the iPhone’s stringent security protections, the UK Ministry of Defense recently opted to go with Apple’s iPhone 7 as...
Google Docs

Google Docs just got more powerful on iOS and Android

With all of the products and services that exist under the Google umbrella, updates are a dime a dozen, but this week has been...
Elon Musk Hyperloop

Hyperloop : Elon Musk States ‘We Start Digging The Tunnel Tonight’

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk gave the world the concept of Hyperloop — a superfast ground-based mass transit system — in 2013, but none of...

Cisco to buy AppDynamics for $3.7 billion

Cisco Systems Inc said on Tuesday that it agreed to buy U.S. business software company AppDynamics Inc for about $3.7 billion, making one of...
Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Ultrafast Camera Captures ‘Sonic Booms’ of Light for First Time

Just as aircraft flying at supersonic speeds create cone-shaped sonic booms, pulses of light can leave behind cone-shaped wakes of light. Now, a superfast...

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Montreux Jazz Festival

Quincy Jones, Ibrahim Maalouf, George Benson at Montreux Jazz Festival

Ibrahim Maalouf brought his bold, brassy sound to the Montreux Jazz Festival on Thursday, moving from trumpet to piano solos as he blended jazz with...
Kasai region / RD Congo / Kindu church, Kinshasa

Over 3300 killed in Congo’s Kasai region – Catholic church report

Congolese security forces and a militia fighting them have killed at least 3,383 people in the central Kasai region since October, the Catholic church...
Oil tanker truck explosion / Pakistan / Bahawalpur

Oil tanker truck explosion in Bahawalpur, Pakistan kills at least 135

A devastating accident involving an oil tanker truck explosion has left at least 135 people dead in Bahawalpur, eastern Pakistan, the country's Oil and Gas...