Ballerina Lauren Lovette takes to the stage as choreographer

This September, Lauren Lovette debuted her first work of choreography for the company — a major step for any 24-year-old dancer, but especially for a woman.
“As a ballerina, you’re quiet most of the time, you’re used to being the paint. And to switch over and then be the painter takes guts,” Lovette says.
“It’s hard. You have to listen to the music over and over again and understand it so well and then when you look at it all together it’s almost like you’re watching a symphony, you’re watching the music.”
Lovette’s first piece, “For Clara,” was one of the most anticipated parts of the company’s fall gala on Sept. 20.
Inspired by everyday movements and the long hours spent working with dancers in the studio, it was set to a classical score by Robert Schumann.
“I’m particularly excited about Lauren Lovette. I’ve watched her matriculate through the various stages of artistry here at the company, ” said actress Sarah Jessica Parker, a vice chair of the New York City Ballet board of directors.
“We want more and more women choreographers, so I just think it’s very exciting and important, and I think it’s been extremely fulfilling for Lauren.”
Source : CNN